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How to Write Attention Catching Hook Sentence for Essay

What is a hook in essay?

How often have you come across a piece of writing that has an interesting title, but after you read the first several sentences, you have no desire to continue reading? This is a real problem for readers, and it’s even more real when it comes to student written assignments and essays in particular.

Even though an essay is a rather formal type of writing that doesn’t allow too much room for creativity, it’s important to remember that the sole purpose of writing an essay is to educate or entertain your audience. The audience can be hard to please, or, in this case, to convince to continue reading. That is why it’s your job to grab their attention from the start, and the best way to do it is to use a captivating hook.

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How to write an attention-grabbing hook

Make your readers think

An attention-grabbing hook is a hook that stimulates the reader not only to continue reading but also go through the rollercoaster of emotions and impressions as your essay progresses. The first few sentences of an essay can be crucial for this task! If your reader stops after reading your hook for a minute to think about what they’ve just read, it means the hook has done its job well.

Make your reader see detailed pictures

It doesn’t matter what kind of essay you’re working on – the reader should feel like they belong in the story. The only way to do it is to paint a picture so detailed that the reader can’t help but imagine themselves as part of the narrative. A hook may only be the beginning of the story, but it’s the thing that makes or breaks the whole experience for the reader.

Make your reader to be interested in continue reading

While the job of the hook is to captivate the reader and stimulate them to continue reading the essay, you shouldn’t make the hook the most interesting part of the essay. The reader should be looking forward to doing more reading, not feel like they’ve seen the best of the whole essay in the first couple of sentences. Save the most impressive parts for later!

Things that work the best as hook for an essay

A general statement is a popular way to open an essay, but it’s certainly not the only way. Based on the type of essay you’re writing and the goals you’re pursuing, you can use some other types of hooks.

A quote hook can be used for a variety of essays, but it works best in essay based on a particular book or author. A quote demonstrates your deep knowledge of the subject and allows the reader to make assumptions about what they’re going to read next.

Statistic is a common way to open an essay on social studies and other humanity disciplines. Don’t worry if the piece of statistics you want to use sounds implausible – readers will still assume you’re telling the truth and will be intrigued enough to carry on reading.

Asking your audience a question in the hook of the essay is a surefire way to make sure they keep reading. There are no strict requirements for a hook question: it can be a “yes or no” question or a question that offers a more complex choice, but a question is a great way to engage with the readers.

An anecdote can lighten up nearly any essay, even if you don’t intend it to be humorous. However, remember that the narration of the anecdote should match the narration of the essay. If you never use the pronoun “I” in the essay, look for an anecdote that doesn’t use it either.

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