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How to Write a Long Paper in One Night

There are many reasons why you can end up in a situation where there’s only one night left before the deadline and you have several important papers to finish in a matter of hours. You may have been busy with other assignments or were out there enjoying the perks of being a student – in the end, it doesn’t matter since there is no way around this task.

Luckily, you are not out of options. Even if you have a few hours to complete a challenging assignment, remember that it’s all possible as long as you choose the right approach. The first and the most reliable option is to use our Research Paper Writing Service. Second, follow our tips and you will beat any nearly missed deadline and surprise everyone, including yourself, with your newfound ability to do so much in so little time!

Research topics

Perhaps, the most crucial part of writing a paper in a short period of time is finding the right topic. If you’re free to choose the topic for your assignment, pick a topic that resonates with your own views and ideas. When you have many things to say about any subject, writing the paper will be as easy as pie, and vice versa, when you can’t write even one coherent idea for the paper simply because the topic leaves you cold, writing will be an even bigger challenge. Once you’re done with choosing the topic, move on to the research – read as many sources as possible and write down your ideas for the future paper.

Write the body

Create an outline for your paper, but don’t start with the introduction – create the body paragraphs first and then the introduction will basically write itself. When writing the paragraphs, make sure not to mix the ideas and statements between paragraphs; a clear structure is one of the top requirements for a winning paper.

Introduction & Conclusion

Once you’re done with the body paragraphs, you can move on to the introduction. The introduction of your essay needs to grab the attention of the readers and convince them to continue reading, so make an effort to write a strong hook.

The conclusion of the paper is the finishing touch of your writing. It needs to be short but powerful. Don’t use the conclusion as your last chance to introduce some ideas – better go over the ideas already voiced in the paper and make your opinion on the matter even more visible and clearer.


Sending out your work without proofreading it can have negative consequences for the success of your writing. Leave the proofreading until the morning after you’ve had a few hours of sleep, or have someone you trust proofread and edit your paper for you.

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